DigiCert establishes World Quantum Readiness Day


DigiCert has announced the first World Quantum Readiness Day, which will take place on September 26, 2024.

This initiative aims to spotlight the critical need for current security infrastructures to adapt to the imminent reality of quantum computing.

Quantum computing promises unparalleled computational power and will transform industries by making certain tasks exponentially faster.

However, this leap forward also presents significant challenges to contemporary cryptographic standards. NIST has warned that quantum computing could compromise existing cryptographic algorithms used to secure data.

As such, organisations need to adopt a proactive stance on quantum readiness to safeguard against potential attacks.

World Quantum Readiness Day serves as a moment for reflection and action, urging enterprises and governments worldwide to assess their preparedness for the nascent quantum era.

DigiCert claims it underscores the urgency of adopting post-quantum cryptography (PQC) standards, which are currently being developed by leading institutions such as NIST to protect against future quantum-related vulnerabilities.

“Quantum computing holds the key to unlocking new horizons across various sectors, but it also demands a fundamental reevaluation of our cybersecurity frameworks,” said Deepika Chauhan, Chief Product Officer, DigiCert. “With World Quantum Readiness Day, we’re not just marking a date on the calendar; we’re beginning a global dialogue on the necessity of immediate, concerted action to embrace and secure our quantum future.”

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