Lord’s Cricket Ground selects sustainable Jacksons Fencing solution for renovation project

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As the UK’s summer of cricket fever continues, Lord’s Cricket Ground, the most famous cricket venue globally, has made investments in sustainable options from Jacksons Fencing. The aim is to ensure an environmentally-conscious as well as action-packed season.

With its rich history dating back to 1787, architectural significance, and unmatched glamour, Lord’s Cricket Ground has always strived to maintain its world-class facilities while preserving its unique charm. Over the years, the ground has undergone various developments to enhance sightlines, increase capacity, and improve accessibility, all while maintaining architectural excellence.

Perfectly planned

With a rich history of carefully planned developments, Lord’s recently embarked on a renovation project focused on enhancing sustainability and replacing deteriorated fencing.

Given the ground’s prestigious status, every development at Lord’s is executed with meticulous planning and attention to detail. Previous improvements have aimed at enhancing sightlines, reducing restricted view seats, increasing capacity, and improving accessibility.

An eco-conscious redevelopment

Recognising the importance of environmental stewardship, Lord’s Cricket Ground has been proactive in improving its eco-credentials. From 2014 to 2017, a series of measures were implemented to enhance energy usage and make the grounds more environmentally friendly.

These included the installation of ground source heat pumps, solar panels, and ‘living’ green walls. The construction of the ground’s roof incorporated advanced timber technology, prioritising the use of sustainable and replaceable materials.

Fencing that fits the bill

With sustainability as a top priority for all developments, it was essential to select a fencing company that shared the same ethos and offered products that met green requirements. The existing fencing in front of the Thomas Lord Suite had suffered from rot and fallen into disrepair, with panels either collapsed or leaning.

The Thomas Lord Suite is a key feature of Lord’s Cricket Ground, often used for prestigious events. Its design emphasises natural light, making it crucial to balance privacy without compromising on the amount of natural light entering the suite.

To address these requirements, 13.5 metres of Jacksons’ Venetian Hit and Miss fence panels were specified as the replacement for the old fencing. These modern slatted fence panels offer elegance, privacy, and the ability to allow light through.

They are widely regarded as a “luxury fence panel” and are popular among garden designers for their contemporary style and space-enhancing properties.

Given Lord’s wide and open space, wind resistance was a significant consideration for the new fencing. Hit and miss fencing proved to be the ideal solution as it allows wind to filter through the gaps, reducing strain on the panels and posts. Installed by Garden Fencing London, one of Jacksons Fencing’s Approved Installers, the panels were securely attached to the timber slotted posts to enhance stability and deter unauthorised access.

Designed for durability

In line with Lord’s preference for renewable materials, Jacksons Fencing responsibly source and treat all timber used in the fencing with its unique Jakcure preservation process.

This process ensures that the timber is kiln dried and pressure treated, offering exceptional durability and longevity. As a result, all timber products come with a 25-year guarantee against rot and insect attack, reducing the lifetime cost and minimising the environmental impact of used fencing going to landfill.

Nick Bishenden, Senior Manager, Jacksons Fencing said, “We were privileged to be part of the recent redevelopment at Lord’s Cricket Ground. Being one of the most iconic sporting venues in the UK and globally recognised, it was an incredible opportunity for us.

“We’ve taken great pride in delivering a fencing solution that will not only withstand the elements and help elevate its surroundings aesthetically, but also one that aligns with Lord’s Cricket Ground’s unwavering commitment to sustainability. Moreover, this project was completed in time for 2023’s summer of cricket fever.”

Lord’s Cricket Ground’s dedication to sustainability and architectural excellence is exemplified through their recent fencing renovation project. By choosing a fencing solution that aligns with their green ethos and utilises renewable materials, Lord’s continues to uphold its status as a world-class sporting venue, while embracing environmentally friendly practices.

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