HYPE and Transmit Security announce partnership


A new partnership between Transmit Security and HYPE has recently been launched, in a strong move for both companies.

By adopting Transmit Security’s authentication solutions, the Italian neobank will provide its more than 1.8 million users with a successful user experience, maintaining high standards of security and user-friendliness.

This collaboration between two rapidly growing, all-digital companies with a strong data-driven approach focuses on integrating Transmit Security’s platform into HYPE’s system.

Both companies believes that this integration will enhance customer authentication during the app and web sign-in processes, as well as streamline the entire authorisation path required for transaction activities.

“In-app login is the first step our customers take every day to use our services, so it must be flawless,” Giuseppe Virgone, CEO of HYPE, said. “This partnership with Transmit Security allows us to continuously implement new features, enhancing the entire customer identification process and ensuring very high standards of simplicity and usability.

“Both HYPE and Transmit Security share a customer-centric approach in defining their offerings and usage. We continue to invest in innovation and technology because we believe it is the most effective way to achieve success.

“Additionally, our customer base is growing rapidly, and cloud solutions like those provided by Transmit Security enable us to scale the market even faster.”

“Digital Identity has become the thing which both protects and sharpens the cutting edge of technology. That’s one of the reasons why we work with so many financial institutions – as early technological adopters, they need ways to deploy, secure and manage identities like few other industries,” said Phil Allen, VP, EMEA, Transmit Security. “Transmit’s platform will help forward thinking organisations like HYPE to continue innovating in the sector and offer their customers a better and secure service.”

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