Trustifi’s solutions named Cybersecurity Breakthrough Awards’ “Email Security Software of the Year”


On the heels of winning recognition from Expert Insights, Trustifi have announced it has won yet another accolade. The company’s software solutions have been named “Email Security Product of the Year” in the 2023 Cybersecurity Breakthrough Awards.

Vying against thousands of nominated providers, Trustifi’s inbound and outbound suite of AI-powered cybersecurity solutions earned this award in the company of household name security brands such as CrowdStrike, AT&T, NetApp, and VMware.

Honourees represented “an impressive list of top companies and startups in the larger information security industry,” according to the award program’s judges. The competition recognises “the world’s best information security companies, products and people,” as per a statement on the program’s award site.

Trustifi’s portfolio of next-generation email security solutions incorporate AI-driven tools that can identify and thwart the most dangerous of emerging threats in a rapidly evolving security landscape, including new attack strategies such as sending malicious QR codes as email attachments-a phishing method that is extremely difficult for traditional solutions to detect.

Trustifi’s solutions include both inbound protections such as data loss protection, malware, anti-virus, and anti-phishing solutions, in addition to government-grade, simple-to-use encryption.

Through its new ThreatScan tool, Trustifi found that nearly 15% of emails that pass through the filters of traditional SEG (security email gateway) solutions were still flagged as threats-and had not been caught by the network’s existing (non-Trustifi) security solutions.

“It’s our mission to deliver superior security that exceeds the capabilities of traditional solutions, which surprisingly include many established brands that rely solely on blacklisting and whitelisting of known malicious IP addresses,” said Rom Hendler, CEO and co-founder of Trustifi. “Without a more aggressive, AI-based approach to security technology, this SEG-based method is not an adequate line of defence in today’s escalating environment.

“We’re delighted that the prestigious Cybersecurity Breakthrough Award program has recognised that a born-in-the-cloud solution like Trustifi’s protection suite is a high-caliber, industry-leading email security software package.”

For more information or to schedule a demo of Trustifi’s comprehensive email security portfolio, click here.


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