TXOne Networks’ Portable Inspector named CyberSecurity Breakthrough’s ‘Compliance Software Solution of the Year’


TXOne Networks has announced that its Portable Inspector solution has been selected as “Compliance Software Solution of the Year” by CyberSecurity Breakthrough.

The seventh-annual CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards program recognises the top companies, technologies and products in the global information security market today.

TXOne Networks’ Portable Inspector delivers portable, installation-free security in the USB form factor. It inspects new equipment before sending it to production, performs regular auditing and inventory management functions and provides advanced security for out-of-band and isolated devices.

“Without a portable, installation-free scanning device, organisations that work with highly regulated, sensitive equipment are often unable to accept installations or configuration changes due to regulations,” said Steve Johansson, managing director, CyberSecurity Breakthrough. “TXOne Portable Inspector addresses this challenge head-on, making regulatory challenges much easier to overcome and has already been used successfully on regulation-sensitive assets by organisations in transportation, banking, pharmaceutical and energy.”

Portable Inspector creates a device inventory, listing installed applications and active services. This data is accessible via a centralised console and is augmented with system vulnerability information in the scan log. Security administrators can easily view operating system (OS) variations and vulnerability statistics for all scanned assets.

The TXOne Networks solution also serves as a USB file storage, transferring files securely in operational technology (OT) environments. The device supports both Linux and Windows.

Portable Inspector allows operators to perform various security tasks without violating the sales/services terms set by any given asset manufacturer. The solution also does not require installation, and no system inspection process or footprint is left on the asset. This allows users to investigate the security status from multiple assets.

Portable Inspector also scans for malware and system vulnerabilities, with the collected system information centralised into the TXOne Networks ElementOne management console for a comprehensive view of overall asset security level and vulnerability overview. A malware-free report can also be generated after a security investigation.

“Supply-chain security has become a significant concern for CISOs (chief information security officers) in the manufacturing and critical infrastructure sectors,” said Terence Liu, chief executive officer, TXOne Networks. “Ensuring that newly acquired equipment is free of malware, properly patched and equipped with only essential applications and activated services is paramount.

“Portable Inspector is so user-friendly that even non-cybersecurity experts can use it to enhance plant security. We are pleased to accept this accolade from CyberSecurity Breakthrough and we will continue to work actively on industrial and SEMI standards. The malware-free reports generated by Portable Inspector play an important part of this standard and others, as well.”


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