USB Lock RP releases new version for 2024 with transfer monitoring and email alerts

usb lOCK rp

USB Lock RP, the robust USB device control software solution designed to centrally manage USB removable storage drives, by Advanced Systems International has released a new version – v.13.829, which has a whole host of new useful features.

With new USB file transfer monitoring and email alerts, users can now keep track of all file transfers to authorised devices. The reports to control include machine name, user, device ID, file name, date modified, date extracted, and file size, USB Lock RP says.

Meanwhile, the updated SMTP component security to automatic TLS/SSL Port 587 // TLS/SSL Port Based 465/578)(Supports TLS 1.2) ensures secure email alerts. Users can also set up approved USB thumb drive transfers to arrive at a company dedicated email box.

This is the most recent update in a year that has so far seen many developments for the technology. In April, USB Lock RP added a new Local Authorisation Panel, which offers four easy ways to authorise devices, the company says.

Key highlights

  • Drag and Drop Blocked or Allowed alerts to authorise.
  • Manually enter the device ID to be authorised.
  • Authorise a device already connected at client.
  • Authorise devices automatically as they connect.
    Other Characteristics:
  • New Panel Loads 200 most recent alert for any machine in real-time.
  • Right-click locally authorized devices to elevate to groups.
  • Organize authorizations by moving devices to right to left or left to right.
  • Allows entering a custom device name.

Another update to come in April was regarding colour coded network alerts, so users can identify alerts at a glance.

Key highlights

  • Column headers in Alerts logs view and Per Machine logs.
  • Logs Short-date configuration function:

Finally, there is also more to come from the innovative brand, in the form of the new USB Lock Action Center, an add-on application that allows remote receipt and logging of email alerts, as well as performing common tasks for authorised devices.

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