Armis enhances its Cybersecurity Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM) solution


Armis have announced it has enhanced features of its Cybersecurity Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM) Solution giving security teams’ abilities to overcome asset visibility and exposure challenges.

Security teams will be able to improve their overall security position by ensuring security controls, security posture and asset exposure are understood and remediated.

The proliferation of assets across organisations has increased the need for better visibility but unfortunately, management of those assets is usually performed using multiple IT and security solutions.

The “great silo-isation” of legacy tools means a fragmented landscape, with neither complete visibility nor a single source of trusted information. And that means IT and security teams struggle to understand what assets they truly have and therefore the level of exposure and risk —and to ensure policies are properly enforced, risk is managed, and assets are protected.

“CAASM is the first step on the path to a complete attack surface management strategy so organisations must be asset centric  – focused on gain full visibility and asset context of the landscape, crucial for vulnerability management, threat detection and compliance assessment,” said Dana Gilboa, Executive Vice President, Product Management. “Armis is the only solution for a holistic attack surface management strategy which provides organisations with a complete, unified, authoritative and rich inventory for all assets, software and hardware, across all device types including  IT, virtual, OT, IoMT, IoT and cloud.”

Armis has enhanced the capabilities of its platform so that organisations can identify gaps in security controls, prepare compliance reporting and audits, identify technical debt and enhance their CMDBs. Customers have access to:  

  • Accurate Inventory – Armis unified asset inventory enables data to be consolidated from multiple sources to reflect real life environments, asset to asset. It also allows accurate classification of the different assets, so it can easily differentiate between servers, personal computers, mobiles, and others.
  • Deep Asset Context – Each asset has advanced information that is pulled from different tools, including the user of the asset, its business applications, any software applications running on it, dependency mapping, and much more.
  • Endless Integrations – Hundreds of integrations with existing tools – EDRs, vulnerability scanners, Cloud Services, CMDBs, MDMs, Identity Providers, and many more. Specifically, Armis’ partnership with ServiceNow allows rapid connection to the biggest CMDB, with capabilities of pulling and pushing data between the platforms. 
  • Advanced Trending and Benchmarking Capabilities – The platform now allows organisations to set their own security standards and easily see over time  trends, to make sure project goals are met.
  • Out of the box reporting and dashboarding – Pre-built reports and dashboards designed for the most critical needs can now be set in seconds, used for executive reporting as well as everyday consumption.
  • Short Time to Value – As the inventory is the basis to so many security problems, the Armis Cybersecurity Asset Management platform is easy to use so organisations can get from zero to full value in minutes. Utilising easy deployment interfaces, the Armis Value Packs and the improved console navigation, it’s now the fastest route to see all your assets.
  • Configurable User Access – Understanding that Armis Cybersecurity Asset Management is a tool that can be used by several security teams and use cases, you can now configure access and permission to all teams in your organisation 

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