This is our virtual world built around true-to-life scale buildings and ready to showcase every aspect of what the security industry has to offer – in the context of a discoverable 3D built environment that is open 24/7.

Start with a single HotSpot and feature your hottest product, where it will be used.

Click here to visit the Security City Online.

  • Active global audience 24/7
  • Carbon neutral 3D sales spaces
  • Open for live sales & events  
  • Immersive browser experience

Calling for the latest products…

As part of Security on Screen we are actively looking for the latest innovations in terms of services, hardware and software to promote to our huge online audience.

As a virtual environment the opportunities to show products and services in action is literally limitless: if you have an application scenario, we can build it at SecurityCityOnline!

Phase #1. Inner city area, viewed from a street junction.

Locations available now for integrating product information and demonstrations:

1) Office block
2) Multi-use high rise
3) Underground car park
4) Bank
5) Boutique store
6) School
7) Shopping mall
8) Department store
9) Museum
10) Street junction
11) Recreational park

Security City Online is built on the V-Ex platform which provides a comprehensive Stats and CRM dashboard for every company featuring products in the 3D environment. Detailed information about visitor interactions with products and content provides a perfect platform to learn about what your audience is taking an interest in and how to extend that engagement journey.

Phase #2. Covers transport, health and entertainment:
1) Stadium
2) Train station
3) Hospital
4) Airport
5) Boarder control area
6) Marina
7) Flat car park
8) Petrol station

Phase #3. Covers industry and infrastructure
1) Power plant
2) Factory unit
3) Bridge
4) Highway
5) Water processing site
6) Irrigation plant

Contact us now for more information on these opportunities.

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