I am delighted to say that Security on Screen and the Security Industry Group have come together. The result is a new platform with deep community reach, social media strength and a fast-paced, digital-first approach to news, opinion and insight.

Our new relationship builds on the success that both Security on Screen and the Security Industry Group have experienced individually. Since it was launched in 2008 by my good friend Maarten Mijwaart, the Security Industry Group has grown to become an immensely powerful community of more than 145,000 professional members. Its influence cannot be overstated and it is my genuine pleasure to bring that community together with the innovative platform that we have created here at Security on Screen.

This fully redesigned version of Security on Screen brings you the same breaking news coverage and expert commentary that you have become accustomed to plus the depth of discussion you expect from the Security Industry Group. You can join our community for free by registering as an individual member. Or, if you want to explore the commercial opportunities that the community offers, you can become an SIG Partner Brand for a low annual fee, gaining benefits such as recommended LinkedIn posts, a fully branded profile and showcases for your products.

Accessible everywhere you are, you can view all of our content and engage with our community on whichever device you like, whenever you like. 

The combined Security on Screen and Security Industry Group reflects what we think security media and community should look like in the modern world. I hope you feel the same.

Peter Mawson

Founder, security on screen
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