Cybereason and Smarttech247 partner up to tackle cyber threats

Cybereason and Smarttech247 have announced a new partnership to enable joint customers to detect and end cyber attacks on endpoints anywhere on their networks.

Businesses today face a constant barrage of cyber threats, including destructive ransomware attacks and other malicious activity. Cybereason and Smarttech247 will work together to enable organisations to better safeguard their most critical data assets through AI-driven managed security services that include prevention, detection and remediation capabilities.

“Cybereason is an established leader in endpoint protection and incident response. Because threat actors are emboldened, tenacious and determined to steal proprietary information and run double extortion scams to steal as much money as possible making our partnership timely,” said Raluca Saceanu, COO at Smarttech247.

“The technology exists to help organisations more effectively defend their organisations against advanced cyber attacks. It is critical for companies to deploy a mature security program that reduces risk and ensures business continuity making the joint Cybereason and Smarttech247 solution viable,” said Andy Philpott, General Manager, EMEA, Cybereason.


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