Dahua’s Smart Retail Loss Prevention Solution Helps Protect Your Property

Hangzhou, China / August 6, 2020 Just like other business establishments with large crowd of people, retail shops are often targets of criminal activities. Losses caused by shoplifting, return fraud, internal theft and other retail crimes amount to millions every day, which affect retail businesses of all sizes — from small grocery stores to large supermarkets and shopping malls. While creating a safe and pleasant shopping environment for customers, taking modern and intelligent measures to prevent losses is crucial for retailers in order to protect their assets and investments.

In response to the above-mentioned risks that retail stores are exposed to, Dahua Technology has developed its Smart Retail Loss Prevention Solution to help retailers protect their properties and maximize profits. Compared to traditional solutions that can only respond after an incident, this solution effectively assists retail stores in minimizing losses by providing more proactive loss prevention methods based on advanced AI technologies in order to reduce shoplifting, return fraud and other incidents.

Return Fraud Detection

Return fraud is one of the pressing challenges that most retail stores face in their operations, and the risk is on the rise. The Dahua Return Fraud Solution helps staff at the return counter by conducting preliminary assessment to determine if the customer is suspicious and fraudulent. With ample evidence in case of an event, this solution significantly helps prevent fraudulent product returns in time in order to avoid huge sales loss.

Online Security

During non-business hours, how to prevent burglary and intrusion is also one of the main concerns of retail stores. The Dahua Online Security System detects trespassers or loiterers and automatically notifies the staff in the control center. When the intrusion alarm is triggered, the staff can choose to speak to the suspicious person remotely or turn on the sound and light alarm to give warning if necessary.

Public View Monitor

A Public View Monitor can be deployed in the shelf area or at the store entrance to warn people with criminal intentions that their behavior is being monitored, effectively reducing theft and fraud issues in the shop. The monitor features useful functions such as preview of the real-time video footages captured by the camera, and split screen that can display both camera preview and advertisement at the same time.

Moreover, the Dahua DSS platform can integrate all the monitoring systems of all the branches of the store, enabling the HQ control center personnel to obtain their real-time information without missing any alarms and suspicious behaviors, especially during non-business hours. This not only reduces labor costs but also improves the security level of the stores.

Security and loss prevention are among the top concerns of all retail managers. The Dahua Smart Retail Loss Prevention Solution provides basic security guarantees while combining intelligent analysis to help reduce losses in the open shopping scenarios of retail stores. With its mission of “Enabling a safer society and smarter living”, Dahua Technology will continue to focus on “Innovation, Quality and Service” to serve its partners and customers around the world.

*Product launch date might vary depending on countries.


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