Datapath integrate with Milestone and Genetec security monitoring software for ultimate video wall control

Datapath, the multi-award-winning manufacturer of video processing solutions, have strengthened their market offering by integrating with Milestone and Genetec’s software portfolio. 

Milestone’s XProtect video management system is an established and popular open platform that brings together camera and back-end intelligence. It is widely recognised at the market leader due to its extendibility and adaptability that enables Milestone’s partners to design perfect future-proof solutions for any business video need.  

By adding Datapath’s Wall Control 10 plug-in, XProtect users can drive a Datapath video wall controller without the need to use WallControl 10 separately. Switching applications is time consuming and distracts the operator from their immediate responsibilities. WallControl 10 is still operating on the video wall controller, but all the commands to direct content to the video wall is done using the XProtect user interface. 

Genetec are a global leader in security cloud-based services. Their flagship product, Genetec Security Center, is a unified IP-video surveillance, access control and ALPR system. To provide customers with a comprehensive solution, Datapath has fully integrated its renowned WallControl 10 management software into Genetec Security Center to provide integrated video wall control. 

Datapath’s video wall controllers can now be managed directly from within the interface of Genetec Security Center thanks to the new integration. This allows operators to easily control the video wall system directly from their everyday security application, removing the need to learn a new software package and allowing operators to focus distraction-free on their core objectives. Changing feeds and display content can now be performed from a single interface, rather than switching applications. 

Matthew Tibbitt, Datapath Product Manager, said: “Datapath systems and technology have been deployed into 1000s of control rooms and security suites across the world.  The ability to deliver content to large scale video walls is critical to functional teams that need to combine information to see the bigger picture and respond to it.  By combining WallControl 10 with these leading security software suites, we have managed to make life much easier for both Milestone and Genetec users and administrators. Users do not need to be trained on a new and unfamiliar application, and they are able to do their work and interact with the video wall from a single application.” 


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