Flir introduces new temperature screening solution

Flir Systems has introduced the Elara FR-345-EST, a fixed-mount radiometric thermal security camera. The manufacturer states that its new unit measures elevated skin temperature accurately without contact or the need for a reference temperature source.

This system is aimed at high-traffic airports, stadiums, commercial buildings and manufacturing facilities to quickly asses skin temperature at access control points. The Elara FR-345-EST automatically guides to the part of the body that most closely correlates to core body temperature: the inner-canthus—or the inner eye of a human face—without sacrificing accuracy or the ability to maintain social distancing guidelines.

The camera can serve as a stand-alone system without the need for desktop software or as part of a broader access control programme. It also integrates with a variety of third-party video management systems, including FLIR United VMS, to enable fast integration within the existing security infrastructure.

Through the use of integrated algorithms and a convolutional neural network, as individuals pass through the screening process the interactive on-screen prompts assist with eyewear identification, proper pose, positioning, and head orientation. This enables the camera’s on-edge artificial intelligence to automatically locate and measure the temperature at the inner canthus within an accuracy of +/- 0.5° C (+/- 0.9° F).

The AI capabilities with the on-camera software reportedly improves the screening assessment time to an average of one-second-per-individual after the subject is in a stationary position in front of the camera and once eyewear has been removed, helping to keep lines of workers, spectators, guests, students and patients moving. The self-screening operation provides instant go/no-go feedback and the adaptive alarm threshold feature can be used to minimise false alarms to account for natural body temperature fluctuations throughout the day.

With the Elara FR-345-EST, the user has the ability to self-start by connecting the camera to a smart monitor with a web browser to view a live user interface. The camera can also be customised to meet specific integrator or customer needs. In addition, Flir offers extended training and support for customers and users to properly setup, operate and maintain the system.

The Elara FR-345-EST is available globally through authorised dealers, with shipments expected to begin in Q4.


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