ISRM 2023 Virtual Conference on AI in risk management to bring together “rich tapestry of expertise” says David Rubens


The Institute of Strategic Risk Management (ISRM) is a leading global centre for the promotion and sharing of best-practice strategic risk and crisis management capabilities and thought leadership amongst practitioners, academics, and policy makers. Its Virtual Conference takes place next week on Zoom from November 21-22. Here, we talk to Dr David Rubens, Executive Director of the Institute of Strategic Risk Management (ISRM), about what attendees can expect from the event.

What are you offering the sector through activities like this upcoming virtual conference?

DR: Across the Institute’s global chapter network, our members and fellows help progress and promote the underlying understanding and capabilities associated with strategic risk and crisis management, alongside developing their own personal and professional networks. The ISRM provides best-practice training, hosts leading events across its global and local networks, and provides strategic advice to support organisations’ management of complex risks.

With a focus on AI in Risk management as the thrust, who should attend this event?

DR: This event is open to a diverse audience, welcoming not only seasoned professionals but also students and enthusiasts eager to explore the intersection of AI and risk management. The ISRM takes pride in its inclusive approach, recognising the diversity of perspectives it gathers. This conference serves as an excellent platform for individuals from various backgrounds to come together and explore the AI’s development and progress over the years. Attendees can expect in-depth discussions on how AI is reshaping risk management, making it accessible and informative for everyone interested in this transformative field.

What can a delegate expect to take away from the session?

DR: Delegates will leave with a deep understanding of AI’s evolution and its significant impact on risk management. They will gain insights into the latest advancements in AI-powered risk management, emerging challenges in global threat environments, practical strategies for AI adoption in decision-making and the nuances of AI governance and tools. This conference equips attendees with actionable knowledge to leverage the AI effectively in their fields and stay at the forefront of risk management.

Who will be speaking on the day?

DR: Our conference boasts a global lineup of speakers from various organisations, representing diverse perspectives in both academia and practice. While it is challenging to single out a “star” speaker among such a talented group, what sets this event apart is the rich tapestry of expertise it brings together. Delegates can look forward to insights from a multitude of organisations, including leading academic institutions, practitioner-focused entities, biggest international organisations and prominent industry players. This diversity of voices ensures a comprehensive exploration of AI’s role in risk management, making this event a unique opportunity to gain insights from different sectors and perspectives.

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