Oprema announce new partnership with UR FOG


Oprema have announced their most recent partnership with UR FOG, the Ajax ready security fogging system. This expansion in Oprema’s offering will further them in their endeavour to provide the highest quality products to their customers.

UR FOG provide the only Ajax ready anti-intrusion fogging system on the market, offering maximum protection in any setting. Integrated with Ajax’s wireless Jeweller technology, UR FOG offers battery powered devices for quick and easy installation, as well as mains-powered models.

All devices are made in Italy and have two Ajax relays pre-fitted, whilst Gold models also come with an Ajax transmitter. A single UR FOG fogging system boasts a maximum capacity of 800 cubed metres. However, for even larger environments, UR FOG’s innovative technology can be easily accommodated with multiple systems.

On the new UR FOG partnership, Commercial Director at Oprema, Carl Spencer, says: “We are thrilled to be entering a partnership with UR FOG. The synergies between UR FOG and Ajax will be a great addition to ourselves and our customers. With the innovative Ajax ready fogging system, our customers will be able to offer a complete, cost-effective – whilst reducing engineering time.”

With their innovative and powerful anti-intrusion system, UR FOG CEO Alberto Mori says of the new partnership: “Oprema will introduce the successful solution of our Ajax Ready fogging systems into the UK. This is the ideal security solution, being easy to install and maintain, whilst also increasing the protection of your belongings and granting up to 97% of theft avoidance.”

Utilising Ajax Jeweller tech, UR FOG provides the valuable opportunity for Oprema customers to save time and resources whilst achieving dependable results for their anti-intrusion security practice.


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