Oprema reveal full rebrand, including new tagline and logo


Oprema have opened a new chapter for the company by revealing their new rebrand, which went live officially on April 12. You can see a video below explaining more about it.

In a statement, Oprema stated that as they’d evolved tenfold since their inception in 2010, it was only right that their brand values matched how they’d grown as a business.

“Since we were founded in 2010, we’ve grown from 2 employees to 78,” the statement read. “In that time, we’ve evolved and it’s only right that our brand aligns with our evolution as a business.

“Our new look is modern and sleek, just like our products and services. You’ll notice on our new brand there’s a yellow full stop, which is a nod to our history and previous logo. It’s important to us that we stay true to our roots. This rebrand isn’t about us starting over, it’s about evolving whilst keeping the core elements of the business that made us unique in the first place.

“Oprema’s new tagline is ‘real security’, which encapsulates who we are and what we do. Who we are is real, genuine people who aren’t too corporate, and we take care of our customers and our colleagues. And what we do, in a nutshell, is security.”


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