Pentest People launches ‘Cyber Security Fundamentals’ training course

Pentest People

Pentest People have launched its new “Cyber Security Fundamentals” training course, aimed at everyone from IT teams to non-technical staff and business leaders.

The two-day in-person course has been designed to equip participants from all levels with an introduction and solid foundation in cybersecurity, focusing on the prevalent threats and vulnerabilities organisations face today.

Delivered by Pentest People’s team of experienced penetration testing consultants, day one of the course focuses on ‘Understanding the Cyber Security Landscape’ giving an overview of the threats businesses face and understanding how cybercriminals work using their toolkits of malware and ransomware. The day ends with an interactive session to identify threats in real-time. 

Day two looks at best practice and strategies to help businesses protect themselves from possible impending cyber threats. It will also help participants develop a plan to introduce a cyber-resilient culture within their organisation.  

“This is not just another basic cyber awareness programme, but an in-depth training course to give staff an understanding of the cybersecurity landscape, guiding them to identify vulnerabilities, system weaknesses, and formulate effective countermeasures to protect their business. Being tasked with a company’s security can be overwhelming, but attendees will master the essentials of cybersecurity and learn to protect valuable data, thwart cyber threats, and uphold the highest security standards with no jargon, just clear, concise, and actionable knowledge,” comments Michael Keddie, Academy Team Leader at Pentest People. 

“Whether focused on securing an organisation’s cyber defences or kickstarting a career in cybersecurity, this course provides the knowledge and tools necessary for unparalleled success,” continues Keddie. 

The course forms part of the Pentest People Academy, a diverse portfolio of internal and external training initiatives created to inspire and prepare the next generation of cybersecurity professionals, ensuring a skilled and ethical workforce. The academy also offers hands-on, real-world training, preparing team members for industry-recognised certifications and ensuring they stay ahead of cyber threats effectively.

Pentest People Cyber Security Fundamentals Course Overview 

Day 1: Understanding the Cyber Security Landscape

  • Introduction to Cyber Security: History and Evolution
  • Cyber Threats & Vulnerability Analysis: Types, Sources, & Implications
  • Understanding Malware: From Viruses to Advanced Persistent Threats
  • Cyber Security Frameworks and Standards: An Overview
  • Interactive Session: Identifying Threats in Real-Time Scenarios

Day 2: Strategies and Best Practices in Cyber Security

  • Implementing Effective Cyber Hygiene Practices
  • Advanced Threat Detection and Management Techniques
  • Developing a Cyber-Resilient Culture in Your Organisation
  • Legal and Ethical Considerations in Cyber Security
  • Workshop: Crafting a Custom Cyber Security Plan for Your Organisation

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