Protecting high-valued items and treasured possessions – introducing the ASSET-WE from Pyronix


Pyronix announces a discreet and easy-to-install accelerometer device that offers a new level of protection for high-value items and treasured possessions.

“We’re pleased to bring yet another level of protection to the residential and commercial markets with the release of our ASSET-WE, which has been built to protect a wide variety of possessions,” Laurence Kenny, Marketing Director, said.

At only 25mm wide and featuring aesthetic slimline plastics, the ASSET-WE is nano in size and designed to be enclosed inside or hidden out of sight on items such as cash boxes and tills, jewellery boxes, bags, vases, paintings, televisions, electronic equipment and more, to provide security and protection if an item is moved or opened.

The device has two sensitivity settings, low and high. The highest sensitivity setting is ideally suited to stationary items, whereas the lower sensitivity option is designed for protecting items that are subject to environments which could cause movement, like vibration and loud sound.

“The new offering delivers on our commitment to continually provide our installers with innovative solutions, helping them to boost growth and deliver true customer value,” Laurence said.

He continued: “We’re really pleased to launch the ASSET-WE and provide even greater security control over items and belongings within homes and commercial buildings.”

The ASSET-WE is supplied with everything needed to fix it in place, including screws and adhesive tape. Alternatively, it can be used as a free-standing device.


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