Scottish cyber start-up launches to help IT teams to measure, manage & communicate on cybersecurity

A new Scottish cyber start-up called has launched and it brings an innovative user-centric cyber platform to help organisations better understand their cyber risk profile.

The platform also helps businesses with scarce IT and security resources meet compliance requirements, build out Incident Response plans and produce reports which focus on the metrics that matter to business leaders.

The platform is backed and founded by the long-established Scottish IT services company, M3 Networks, and it sits above digital assets and cybersecurity tools, providing a bird’s eye view, while offering organisations with a CyberScore, so they can easily see how secure they are.

The platform also offers role-based profiles and reports where cyber data is presented focusing on the metrics that matter to c-levels. From cost-savings, compliance requirements, to a Cyber Savings Score which shows the potential attacks connected tools have blocked and attributes them with a potential cost, the tool provides all the metrics and data c-levels need to understand security.

“Having worked in IT and cybersecurity for over fifteen years, I understand first hand all the challenges these teams face every day,” said Mark Lamb, CEO and founder of “They simply don’t have the resources or knowhow, time or budgets to secure their businesses effectively, and this often leads to devastating breaches which not only affect IT managers personally, but also the solvency of the organisation.

“ has been developed to help mitigate these challenges. The platform offers a supportive and much needed helping hand to IT teams and organisations, without adding to workloads or increasing alert fatigue.

“Instead, it supports teams, giving them the data and tools they need to do their jobs and keep their organisations secure, while alleviating workloads and reducing stress and personal burnout.”

Key features of the platform include:

  • CyberScore and Threat Levels: This feature provides organisations with a credit-score-like function where they can easily track their security posture and threat level. The data is based on the organisation’s own data, making it much more specific than other generic cyber-scoring platforms.
  • Cybersecurity KPIs: Organisations can track how their security is performing against specific KPIs which are already set by and based on industry best practices.
  • Role-based reports: These reports make it never easier to speak to the board and c-level team about cybersecurity. The pre-built role-based profiles focus on all the information executives need to understand security, the organisation’s risk posture, and the cost-savings they are experiencing through blocked attacks.
  • Integrations: connects into your existing cybersecurity systems and business processes and automatically consumes that data for scoring, insights, actions, and alerts. Breaking down silos and making tools work better for the organisation.
  • Attack surface: Organisations can gain a bird’s eye view of their attack surface by adding all of their digital assets to the platform, gaining actionable insights into their security problems and reducing the risk of blind spots that attackers could exploit.
  • Supply Chain module: Supply Chain Manager enables businesses to stay secure in the internet age and enjoy easier, faster, and safer partnerships with suppliers and buyers. Organisations can share their security and compliance practices with partners and their partners can do the same.

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