Secury360 puts security on autopilot with cutting-edge mobile app update


Secury360 continues to drive innovation with two game-changing updates to their mobile app. With the introduction of geofencing and in-app scheduling features, Secury360 empowers users to effortlessly arm and disarm their security systems, revolutionising the way they safeguard their surroundings.

These cutting-edge advancements mark the achievement of the second milestone in Secury360’s ambitious roadmap to enhance security management.

The first breakthrough update, in-app scheduling, puts power back into the hands of end-users. Users can easily customise the activation schedule of their security systems to perfectly align with their dynamic lifestyles.

Say goodbye to relying on installers for manual activations or making frantic adjustments due to schedule changes. Secury360 empowers users with unparalleled flexibility, granting them the freedom to adapt their security installation’s schedule with a simple swipe.

However, the innovation doesn’t stop there. Secury360’s second groundbreaking update introduces geofencing, an innovative marvel that seamlessly integrates geolocation capabilities into the app.

Users can now choose to automatically activate their security system when they leave the premises. Geofencing bridges the gap between technology and personal safety, ensuring a flawless and worry-free experience.

No more cumbersome manual activations or double-checking before leaving. With geofencing, Secury360 puts security on autopilot, providing users with unrivalled peace of mind.

Secury360’s relentless commitment to pushing boundaries firmly establishes them as the unrivalled all-in- one solution in the security market, reaping benefits for all stakeholders.

Monitoring centres benefit from reduced false alarms, thanks to end-users’ enhanced control and adaptability. Installers enjoy simplified installation processes and effortless integration and follow-up of installations.

As for end-users, they relish the newfound liberation from cumbersome scheduling and system management, empowering them to focus on what truly matters in their lives.

“Our excitement is immeasurable as we introduce these groundbreaking updates to our mobile app,” exclaimed Frederic Jacobs, the visionary CEO of Secury360. “In-app scheduling and geofencing epitomise our dedication to empowering customers to take charge of their security like never before.

“Our mission is clear — to provide a comprehensive, intuitive, and future-ready solution that caters to the unique needs of our clients, ensuring their ultimate peace of mind and unrivalled convenience.”


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