The big interview – Kevin Waterhouse (VCA Technology) & Ashley Wyton (Veracity)


Recently, VCA Technology and Veracity joined forces and to find out more and how it’s all going and what new opportunities have sprung up as a result, Security on Screen spoke to Kevin Waterhouse, Managing Director at VCA Technology and Ashley Wyton, Group Sales Director at Veracity

VCA Technology and Veracity have now agreed a global technology partnership – what were the main reasons for this?

AW: We have worked with VCA as a technology partner for a number of years, so this agreement is just an expansion of that great partnership. The VCA technology lends itself well to our solutions and offers significant value to our customers when buying Veracity solutions.

KW: We were beginning to see a lot of synergy in the way that the two operations work and the profile of the two companies, but more importantly, the customers that we were talking to were the customers that Veracity were talking to and they were looking for a complete solution rather than individual parts, so the two of us working together closer would enhance the offering we could give to the customer base.

How much will working together benefit your customers’ needs?

KW: The customer can always get a catalogue and pick item A from one company and item B from another and such and such to try and build a system, but what we do now, in conjunction with Veracity, is go one step further.

We do joint calls with the customer, so we sit down with them and talk about whatever the issues are, whatever problems they’re having and whatever they’re looking to find and then between us, we’ll come up with a solution to meet the customer’s needs.

AW: Exactly that and in addition, working closely with the VCA team across all of the Veracity regions will open up exciting new opportunities for both companies, of that I am sure. It is clear that the markets are looking for enhanced AI capability across a range of applications and we will be there to help.

It’s been a long-standing relationship between the two companies, does that make much difference when entering a partnership like this?

KW: Yeah it does make a difference, we know each other very, very well and we trust each other after many years, we understand the culture of the organisation, our development teams work closely together. It’s a very nice fit.

AW: Absolutely – as we have a long-standing relationship of co-operation and trust, it also means that out strategies are closely aligned and we share a large number of existing opportunities. It also helps as the technologies are already well integrated.

Finally – and I know it was touched upon earlier – but how many more opportunities do you see opening for the pair of you as a result of this?

AW: We continue to see new and vibrant markets open to Veracity technology as we expand our reach, for example our recent office opening in South East Asia has given a huge diversity of new opportunities, so the VCA partnership will only add to the value proposition.

KW: On the topic of Asia, over the past four/five months, we’ve seen a huge increase in opportunities and particularly there and in the Middle East. Perhaps our individual teams were just focused on the products before, but now we’re offering a total package and a partnership that can support customers, it’s coming across really well. That’s been the most encouraging thing for us.


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