The Open Security & Safety Alliance at GSX 2022 

The Open Security & Safety Alliance (OSSA) is proud to promote member companies that will exhibit innovative offerings and plans next month from GSX 2022 in Atlanta, GA – USA.

Working through the non-profit Alliance, this diverse group of security and safety industry companies have steadily worked together over recent years to create open standards that (when applied) allow for easy and cyber-secure integration of third-party (AI) analytics applications to run agnostically on IoT video cameras, gateways and other computer-vision devices.

Manufacturers simply design smart cameras according to OSSA technology specifications and end-users gain access to an unfolding forum of AI advancements and business possibilities. Technology company and OSSA member Azena created a corresponding and agnostic operating system (OS) that connects with the industry’s biggest online Video Analytics Store in support of this collaborative approach.

Now in 2022, OSSA further refines its focus by standardising consistent and uniform data flows. Members are expanding their attention from realising third-party applications on brand-agnostic cameras and AI boxes/gateways, to designing corresponding ontologies and communication protocols to further unlock data confined to the millions of ‘things’ with the potential generate and accumulate valuable information and, eventually, knowledge.

Tapping into these stagnant data reservoirs and enabling resources to uniformly and securely flow outside of their current digital siloes will open up a massive new corridor of IoT-based possibilities. (Think: Facilitating the flow of content from various security cameras and apps to create a cohesive, more comprehensive picture of what’s transpiring across surveillance settings – having machines not only ‘see’ but also ‘sense’ events by uniformly interpreting each other’s data flows).

Be sure to stop by and speak with members that offer “Driven by OSSA” video-sensing hardware products (Bosch, Hanwha Techwin and VIVOTEK), founding member Milestone Systems, or the platform orchestrators from Azena:

  • Azena – Booth 1931
      >> OSSA Spokespeople: Fabio Marti, Justin Frints
  • Bosch Building Technologies – Booth 2843
      >> OSSA Spokesperson: Paul Garms
  • Hanwha Techwin – Booth 1617
  • Milestone Systems – Booth 3431
  • VIVOTEK – Booth 3510
      >> OSSA Spokesperson: Meng Chhun



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