200th order placed for Tek84’s Intercept

Suffolk County Jail in New York has placed the 200th order for Tek84’s Intercept whole body scanner. The scanner has been designed for high-security facilities and offers the ability to detect threats concealed within the body.

“We have been at the forefront of body scanner innovation for three decades,” said Dr Steven W. Smith, the CEO and CTO of Tek84. “We designed the Intercept scanner to be an ideal fit for the threat-detection needs of jails, correctional facilities and critical government infrastructures such as border crossings and military security operations.”

Intercept uses a proprietary vertical scanning technology that allows people to remain stationary while being screened. A 4-second scan provides safe and high-resolution screening of the whole body, both inside and out. Standard features include an integrated camera for positive ID, software tools for displaying images and managing records of scanned persons, and operator training from Tek84’s senior instructors. Optional features include barcode and biometric identification, customisation for local requirements, and non-contact thermal scanning to detect fevers, helping to avoid the spread of viral and biological pathogens.



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