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Ipsotek signs contract with Sydney Trains for increased security capabilities

Ipsotek has today announced the fulfilment of its contract with Sydney Trains, operator of rail services across the metropolitan Sydney area, to increase security capabilities at 13 stations. Ipsotek was selected by Sydney Trains to deliver an AI-based video analytics solution. This has seen the train operator integrate a range of Ipsotek’s AI-powered video analytics solutions

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Atos announces acquisition of Ipsotek

Atos has just announced an agreement with AI enhanced video analytics software provider, Ipostek to add key software capabilities and IP to its solutions portfolio. Ipsotek offers a scalable platform, VISuite, enabling users manage automatically-generated alerts in real-time, and can be used across a range of use cases including crowd management, smoke detection, intrusion detection,

City Surveillance

Ipsotek and Atos partner with Emaar for 2021 Dubai New Year’s Eve celebration

Ipsotek provided analytics solutions to support the operations during 2021 New Year’s Eve celebration event in the UAE with Emaar at Downtown Dubai. Ipsotek’s VISuite AI system was selected and approved by Emaar to improve security, safety and operations at the most iconic business and hospitality hub in the world, as well as to provide


Ipsotek awarded security contract at Katara Cultural Village

Ipsotek has been awarded a security systems project at the Katara Cultural Village in Doha, Qatar, in partnership with Mannai Trading Co, a Qatari based company listed on the Qatar Stock Exchange. Ipsotek’s VISuite AI platform and VISuite FR facial recognition system have been selected and approved by the Qatar Ministry of Interior to improve

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