Access-IS launches socially distanced tool for airports

Access-IS is helping to get airports moving in a Covid-safe way with the launch of the BGR – a handheld device that connects to a BGR7xx system via a long cable. The solution is described as being able to be deployed rapidly and allows safe distancing for both agent and passenger during the boarding process.

The 1,950g handheld device replicates the BGR750 boarding pass scanning at a distance, all the hard work is still done within the BGR7xx device. In the future when Covid-19 is a distant memory and normal operations have resumed, the device can simply be unplugged and the BGR7xx will take on its normal role.

“The solution is simple to integrate, low cost and provides a mechanism that creates a contactless, social distanced boarding process,” stated Raj Jain, Head of Sales at Access-IS. “It is planned to test this solution at several airports over the coming months.”


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