Acronis integrates with Jamf

Acronis has unveiled the latest integration of its service provider solution, Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, with Jamf, the standard in Apple Enterprise Management (AEM). Marking Acronis’ first Apple integration, it enables managed service providers (MSPs) to mass deploy and manage Acronis’ single-agent solution for backup, recovery, cybersecurity, and endpoint protection management – ensuring their clients’ macOS machines are safe and secure.

As adoption of Mac devices continues to increase, with more than half (55%) of all small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) reportedly being Mac-friendly, the IT service providers who support these SMBs need a streamlined, proven way to identify, monitor and secure the data on those machines. With this new integration, MSPs can remotely deploy Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud’s full range of backup, recovery and cyber protection services – managing multiple Jamf Pro accounts for multiple instances through a single Acronis account.

“The Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud integration is tailormade for MSPs that manage macOS devices on the Jamf platform, helping to establish our credibility and influence in the world of Apple,” said Jan-Jaap “JJ” Jager, Board Advisor and Chief Revenue Officer at Acronis. “We know we are better together as partners, and we worked cooperatively with Jamf to create an integration that is a natural extension of the Jamf Pro platform and uses workflows that are intuitive to Jamf users. This integration creates significant value for macOS admins.”

Leveraging Acronis’ policy management features to ensure gapless protection, the integration streamlines management for MSPs by using native Jamf tools and workflows to manage, configure, and monitor cyber protection plans and statuses. MSPs can strengthen their backup and cybersecurity offering while simplifying the management by applying sophisticated protection plans through the same interface they use to manage their other service offerings.

“We are thrilled to welcome Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud to true Apple Enterprise Management for macOS, with this integration that is now available on the Jamf Marketplace,” said Josh Jagdfeld, senior director of partner marketing at Jamf. “With the steady growth of macOS in the enterprise, organisations must be equipped with the right tools to identify, monitor and secure these devices. This integration makes it possible to seamlessly and securely work across devices and platforms. We’re so excited to be bringing these two powerful platforms together.”

Deployment of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is supported on both Intel and M1 devices, ensuring all machines in a client environment are protected. In addition, Acronis’ cyber protection services are 100% compatible with Jamf’s security capabilities, which prevents potential conflicts and performance issues.

“We’ve been using Acronis Cyber Protect for our customers since its first release. Because of their growing dedication to the Apple ecosystem, Acronis has become an essential partner of Hi-T,” said Daniël Slijper, Co-Founder of Hi-T. “The new integration with Jamf is a great addition to their already MSP-friendly model, allowing us to efficiently keep our customers’ Mac-fleets safely backed up.”



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