Adarma enhances managed detection and response (MDR) offering


Adarma has announced the expansion of its Managed Detection and Response (MDR) offering with the integration of its Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) capabilities.

This latest addition aims to close the gap in incident response often seen between most MDR providers and specialist incident response consultancies; and will reinforce the company’s promise of cyber resilience by minimising the business impact of cyber incidents.

Last year, Adarma was awarded a £2m grant from Scottish Enterprise to accelerate the company’s innovation roadmap as well as bolster its research and development programme. The grant has been used to further invest in Adarma’s people, products and Threat Management Platform.

This includes the enhancement and integration its DFIR capabilities, further strengthening Adarma’s commitment to helping customers effectively respond to cyber incidents given decades of supporting large, global enterprises.

During the critical first 24 to 48 hours following the discovery of a breach, organisations face crucial decisions that can have far-reaching consequences in terms of legal, financial, and reputational impact.

While traditional MDR services focus primarily on detecting cyber incidents, the response component often lacks comprehensive incident planning and reactive response capabilities.

Typically, organisations must engage a third-party incident response consulting firm at a high cost only after a serious incident occurs; for many organisations, this creates a gap.

Underpinned by Adarma’s Threat Management Platform, the DFIR service bridges this gap by providing a comprehensive solution that combines proactive incident planning with incident response expertise gained from running security operations for FTSE 350 organisations.

With Adarma’s DFIR offering, customers can now secure a minimum of 50 hours of incident response support through a competitive pre-paid retainer rate, alongside their existing MDR services.

This ensures immediate access to a team of highly trained digital forensics and incident response experts through a 24×7 secure hotline.

As an existing Adarma MDR customer, the DFIR response team will possess a deep understanding of the business, operations, and technology infrastructure, eliminating the learning curve that independent incident response firms typically face.

This streamlined approach significantly reduces overall response time and allows organisations to efficiently leverage their unused hours by converting them into credits for Adarma’s other security consultancy services.

“MDR is crucial for handling a broad range of common cyber incidents,” said John Maynard, CEO of Adarma. “However, it is equally important to ensure that organisations have the necessary technical response capabilities to address serious issues and have continuity as well as control throughout.

“That’s why I am proud to introduce Adarma’s latest DFIR offering, which bridges the gap between MDR and specialist incident response consultancies—delivering a cost-effective, swift and coordinated response to all incidents.”

Adarma’s enhanced MDR services with DFIR capabilities mark a significant milestone in empowering organisations to effectively respond to cyber threats, mitigate risks, and safeguard their valuable assets. With a focus on comprehensive incident planning and a timely response, Adarma is dedicated to delivering exceptional cyber resilience to its customers.

For more information about Adarma’s DFIR retainer, visit here.


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