Adarma launches new Managed Detection and Response (MDR) offering based on Microsoft’s XDR technology


Adarma have announced a new service within its Managed Detection & Response (MDR) suite of offerings based on Microsoft XDR (Extended Detection & Response) technology.

The turnkey service is aimed at customers who require coverage against the UK’s most prevalent threats and who do not have the in-house teams to manage a 24×7 Security Operations Centre.

The service will enable customers to easily outsource the end-to-end process of identifying and addressing threats to a first-rate team armed with decades of expertise in security operations and backed by an advanced technology stack.

With over a decade protecting many global organisations in the FTSE 350, Adarma’s intent is to scale their offerings and distil decades of learnings in detection and response services to help a broader set of customers improve their security maturity and tackle today’s cyber threats.

According to (ISC)2’s 2022 Cybersecurity Workforce Study, the industry remains acutely understaffed, with a global cyber workforce gap of 3.4 million people.

The pressure this places on organisations is only compounded by their own increasingly complex attack surface prompted by the shift towards hybrid working, as well as the continued evolution of the cybercrime ecosystem, both in breadth and depth.

Indeed, research by Check Point highlighted a 38% surge in cyber attacks per week in 2022, compared to the preceding year. Moreover, the rise of AI tooling and other commoditised threat actor technologies such as ransomware-as-a-service, threatens to lower the barrier of entry and fuel further cybercrime.

Yet, security leaders are still expected to successfully defend businesses at a time of rapid digital transformation, around-the-clock.

Leveraging Microsoft’s XDR suite and the Adarma Threat Management Platform, the new service benefits from Adarma’s deep domain expertise, threat intelligence, proprietary threat-led detection engineering, content management and automation and orchestration technology.

The service delivers a unified, swift, and accurate response to eradicate threats while providing outcomes that are the right fit for customers at every stage of their security journey.

Key features of the Adarma MDR service include:

• Risk-based defence across the major attack vectors of email, web, endpoint & identity.
• Strategic threat intelligence with actionable insights to power detection development, hunting and investigations.
• Expert threat hunting to uncover adversary activity, which may lay dormant or otherwise evade detective controls.
• Continuous skilled threat monitoring and triage of an unlimited number of security alerts. All alerts are categorised and prioritised for investigation within seconds.
• Context-rich investigation of real threat activity.
• Rapid and effective incident response 24/7 with options tailored by preference, from customer-directed to fully delegated response.
• Intuitive online portal for simple, transparent case management, customisable incident notifications and containment with 1-click containment authorisation.
• Minimal operational overhead through the elimination of unnecessary customer tasks, enabling organisations to work on other priorities.

“Organisations and, more specifically, security teams have been under significant stress of late. Not only are they having to contend with a rise in the frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks, but they are having to do so with limited resources,” said Joanne Gilhooley, CMO of Adarma. “At Adarma, we pride ourselves on being a trusted partner, working hand-in-hand with customers to tackle these ever-evolving threats.

“By delivering 24/7 monitoring, human-led investigation, hunting and active response actions, our MDR service is yet another extension of our promise to bolster businesses’ cyber resilience.”

“We are delighted to see that Adarma continues to bring its expertise in security operations and XDR to clients leveraging the Microsoft security stack” said Paul Kelly, Director of Microsoft’s Security Business Unit in the UK. “We’ve seen rapid increases in the volume, severity, and sophistication of cyber attacks, along with a growing breadth of targets.

“The Microsoft XDR stack provides organisations with an integrated SecOps solution that eliminates inefficient silos while delivering simplified, comprehensive protection.”


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