Aksum Group to showcase innovative products at the World Police Summit


Aksum Group is set to showcase its innovative products at the World Police Summit in March 2024, which will be held in Dubai and brings together senior law enforcement officials, experts and industry partners to discuss the future of policing, public safety and security.

Aksum Group has a strong presence in the defence sector, with four subsidiaries that specialise in different areas: Aksum Marine, Aksum VPK, Aksum Marine VPK, and Aksum Armoured Vehicles.

The group offers a range of products, such as high-speed and armoured boats, tactical and commercial armoured vehicles, and naval solutions, that are designed to meet the highest standards of quality, performance, and security.

Aksum Group has been expanding its operations and markets in recent years, with the launch of new factories in Uzbekistan and Dubai. The group aims to cater to the needs of various clients, such as militaries, embassies, consulates, NGOs, UN departments, security companies, and VIPs, in the MENA, CIS, and European regions.

Aksum Group is also a regular participant and sponsor of major defence exhibitions in the region, such as IDEX and NAVDEX, where it showcases its products and conducts live demonstrations. 


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