Allegion launches the LCN 6400 compact series for touchless access control

Allegion US has launched the LCN 6400 COMPACT series low-energy automatic operator for touchless access and accessible operation on interior doors. Designed for use in a variety of institutional and commercial facilities, it is reportedly the only auto operator on the market that has the ability to easily convert existing LCN 4040XP mechanical door closers to touchless solutions, for automated opening and closing when combined with an actuator. 

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) will mark its 31st anniversary this year, which legally requires buildings across the country to make certain accommodations for individuals with disabilities. While progress has been made, there is still more work to be done to ensure equal access for all building occupants. Resource limitations are the primary obstacle that stand in the way.

LCN is working to help facilities overcome this challenge, with the LCN COMPACT automatic operator which was thoughtfully designed to make upgrading an existing opening easier and more cost-effective. The design enables the reuse of an existing LCN 4040XP mechanical closer, for retrofittable options.  The simplicity of this solution reduces the cost, labor and complexity required to automate an opening. 

As facilities work to safely reopen, risk mitigation is also top of mind. High-touch surfaces are a common area of focus, due to concerns about the contact transmission of pathogens. Pairing automatic operators with touchless actuators is a common way to address this challenge and enable hands-free operation of an opening. However, such solutions are typically complex and expensive. According to Allegion, LCN has designed the COMPACT automatic operator to make touchless operation simple and attainable for more facilities.

“Many campuses and schools are looking to reopen for in-person classes this fall, employees are returning to offices across the nation, and healthcare facilities are continuing to invest in healthy environments. Having a touchless solution has become an important consideration for enabling a safe reopening,” said Mike Wagnes, vice president and general manager of Commercial Americas at Allegion. “With the LCN COMPACT automatic operator, facility managers can now offer people additional peace-of-mind that they can return to a building that is both accessible and health conscious.”

“Today’s facilities are being asked to stretch limited resources farther, while expectations for healthier and more accessible buildings are at an all-time high,” said Brad Sweet, commercial marketing leader at Allegion. “The innovative LCN COMPACT automatic operator allows users to further consider the health, well-being and accessibility of a facility, while minimising impact on budget and time.”

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