Altronix realeases new dual voltage modules

Altronix announces the availability of the new ACMS12 and ACMS12CB Access Power Controllers and PDS16 and PDS16CB Power Distribution Modules. These new sub-assemblies further increase access control system capacity in Altronix Trove Access and Power Integration Solutions, and any other wall or rack mount solution – reducing overall equipment and installation costs.

“Our new sub-assemblies deliver up to twice the outputs and feature the same stackable mounting footprint, often used with our VR6 and Tango1B,” said Ronnie Pennington, Director of Sales for the Americas, Altronix. “More outputs in less space also means more room for controllers inside an enclosure. This allows installers to easily configure and scale new and existing systems, especially when pre-configured inside an Altronix Trove kit.”

The ACMS12 series features dual inputs allowing power to be steered from two independent low voltage 5 to 24VDC power sources into twelve (12) independently controlled fuse or PTC protected outputs. These access power controllers accommodate a variety of devices including mag locks, electric strikes, magnetic door holders, and more. An FACP interface enables emergency egress, and alarm monitoring, or may be used to trigger other auxiliary devices with fire alarm disconnect individually selectable for any or all of the twelve outputs. Spade connectors allow installers to daisy chain power to multiple sub-assembly modules to distribute power over more outputs for larger systems.

The PDS16 series features dual inputs designed to steer power from either two low voltage AC or DC power sources. Power is distributed over a total of sixteen fuse or PTC-protected outputs with spade connectors that allow installers to daisy chain to multiple sub-assembly modules to distribute power over more outputs for larger systems.


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