AmiViz and CyberME Studio showcase cybersecurity solutions at Black Hat MEA

AmiViz CyberME Studio

AmiViz have announced that it has entered into a strategic alliance with Saudi Arabia-based CyberME Studio, an independently operating Venture Studio focusing on identifying, investing, nurturing, launching and promoting Saudi based start-ups purely focused on cybersecurity solutions.

Both companies are exhibiting together at Black Hat MEA in Riyadh from November 15-17, 2022 and at the show, AmiViz is representing CyberME Studio and its associate companies; Cognna, Kensa and 2FAST.

Speaking about the alliance, Ilyas Mohamed, COO for AmiViz, expressed his admiration for CyberME Studio and believes that entering a partnership with the company shows huge growth for AmiViz, especially given it’s their first that highlights Saudi Arabian solutions.

“CyberME Studio is doing an amazing job and the start-ups under its fold have developed world-class cybersecurity solutions,” Mohamed said. “We are extremely glad to represent their portfolio and to showcase their solutions at Black Hat.

“CyberME Studio is one-of-a-kind venture in Saudi Arabia that is focussed in developing technology in the cybersecurity space to address the challenges that customers face in today’s era. Out of our large portfolio, this is our first partnership representing Saudi home-grown cybersecurity technology.”

CyberME Studio is on a mission to place Saudi Arabia among the league of a nation that can launch homegrown cybersecurity companies to serve customers across the globe and cater to the US $300 billion cybersecurity market worldwide.

The alliance caps off a great year for the company, who have also been able to successfully launch various new start-ups, including Cognna, Kensa and 2FAST in past year.

CyberME Studio has been promoting these companies at various forums and exhibitions. The company has been part of LEAP 2021, @hack 2021 and Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2022 and now with a strategic partnership with AmiViz, CyberME Studio has opted to participate in Black Hat 2022 in Riyadh.

Expressing his delight about the partnership with AmiViz and participation at Black Hat, Abdulrahman Bajaber, CEO at CyberME Studio, said that the alliance was the icing on the cake of a brilliant year and that he can’t wait to see what impact they can make on the globe.

“We are ecstatic with the performance of all these three start-ups, which focus on a different niche within the cybersecurity domain and provide solutions that help enterprises to enhance their security posture and shield themselves against advanced cyber-attacks,” Bajaber said.

“We are proud at CyberME to bring the best in people to establish a new industry and take it out to the world!”. 


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