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Anekanta is proud to announce the release of a ground breaking new British Standard for AI Facial Recognition Technology – “Facial recognition technology – Ethical use and deployment in video surveillance-based systems – Code of practice (BS 9347:2024).

According to Anekanta, the new British Standard standard builds on the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) Legal and Ethical Guide to the technology, published in 2021.

Pauline Norstrom, CEO, Anekanta®Consulting and Anekanta®AI, former Chair of the BSIA, also Chair of the BSIA’s AI & Biometrics Special Interest Group, was a lead author of the BSIA’s Guide and significant contributor to the BSI standard with the help of the Anekanta® team in the background.

She said, in BSIA’s press release: “The release of the facial recognition technology (FRT) code of practice is a significant moment in the journey towards the ethical use of this AI biometric technology in the United Kingdom, and as the first of its kind in the world, it shows that British Industry is leading the way in this work with a procedural standard written for developers, integrators, deployers and stakeholders of FRT.

“It is different to other standards for AI and biometrics, as a non-technical code of practice that operationalises the principles for trustworthy AI (ethical AI) through the entire value chain making it easy for industry to implement transparently with clear governance and accountability, and arguably with potentially lower impacts, risks and costs. Crucially, the standard contains a metaphorical ‘stop button’ to cease use if impacts cannot be mitigated. It also frames FRT as an AI technology which aligns with the definition of AI in international standards and new or pending regulation.”

Only through the commitment of the technology leaders in the AI and security domains could this standard be developed, Anekanta said. The whole journey has been four years in the making, and Anekanta® is delighted to be associated with this ground breaking work, the company added.

Anekanta® specialises in making high-risk AI technology safer to develop and deploy within legislative frameworks, meeting the requirements of relevant regulations and standards around the world.

For information about its Privacy Impact Risk Assessment System™, designed to de-risk FRT use cases anywhere in the world*, and which evaluates every aspect of the FRT deployment from human rights through to monitoring for bias, reporting bias and advising on the correct human-in-the-loop governance and accountability, you can learn about the system here.

*excluding any regions which are sanctioned or which have policies which do not align with Anekanta®’s values.

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