Armis and Fortified Health Security partner up to protect healthcare customers

Armis and Fortified Health Security (Fortified) have announced a strategic partnership to enhance the overall risk posture of healthcare organisations.

As part of this initiative, Fortified will utilise the Armis Agentless Device Security Platform to augment Fortified’s Managed Connected Medical Device Security Program across their joint network and will work together to help protect healthcare organisations from cyber threats.

“The healthcare industry is deploying more and more connected devices, making up as much as 74% of the overall devices connected to a hospital’s network. These devices help clinicians deliver faster, higher quality care, however, this increase in connectivity also creates an attack surface that most healthcare organisations aren’t prepared to protect,” said Peter Doggart, Chief Strategy Officer at Armis.

“As attacks on the healthcare industry continue to grow in both scale and sophistication, our partnership with Fortified Health Security continues to strengthen the security we offer our healthcare customers, providing a deeper level of service to reduce risk and help protect the patient journey.”

The Armis Agentless Device Security Platform assists in securing care delivery through the connective tissues between the patient, their clinicians and the device ecosystem, providing device discovery, monitoring, and behavioural risk assessments, and automated responses to anomalies that put devices at risk.

Fortified Health Security provides purpose-built strategies through advisory, security operations, threat intelligence and incident response services, as well as best-of-breed security solutions resulting in actionable information and partnership-level responsiveness. This collaboration will ultimately allow healthcare organisations to tackle evolving security challenges as attackers become increasingly sophisticated, and to manage those efforts on a global scale.

“Each healthcare organisation faces unique security challenges and has a different risk appetite. Our partnership with Armis maximises the deep insights that Armis provides and pairs it with Fortified’s 24×7 monitoring and managed services to operationalise an IoMT program that enhances the overall risk posture of healthcare organisations,” said Dan L. Dodson, CEO, Fortified Health Security.

“This partnership couples Armis’ technology platform with Fortified’s healthcare security operations centre to provide a turnkey solution that effectively manages risk associated with all connected devices.”

In healthcare, the vulnerability of a device goes beyond the security risk of the device itself. The impact of a compromised device can have an effect on the continuity of operations, clinical decision support, and ultimately, the safety of care delivery.

It is critical for healthcare organisations to have full visibility into every device whether managed, unmanaged, medical or other, both on and off their networks to analyse behaviour and identify risks to protect critical patient information and systems from attacks.


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