Armis appoints Sachin Shah as CTO for Operational Technology & ICS

Armis has announced Sachin Shah as its new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Operational Technology and Industrial Control Systems (ICS). Reporting to Nadir Izrael, co-founder and Global CTO at Armis, Shah’s appointment is set to help bolster the company’s cybersecurity OT/ICS solutions.

With the increased frequency and sophistication of today’s attacks, depth and breadth of visibility are fundamental capabilities that an ICS security solution must deliver. Most breaches such as the recent Colonial Pipeline cyberattack began in the IT environment and then moved laterally to the OT environment — therefore, visibility into both the IT and OT/ICS sides of the house is paramount. Zero gaps mean zero blind spots, mitigating an attacker’s ability to operate undetected.

Most OT/ICS environments are modelled after the Purdue reference architecture which shields vulnerable devices from attack by limiting their connections — but in practice, the Purdue model is often incorrectly implemented, exposing many loopholes and segmentation violations. Armis reportedly attained top scores for visibility of all OT, ICS, and IT assets and real-time detection tactics in MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK Evaluations for Industrial Control Systems (ICS).

“Sachin will be instrumental in how we innovate on our OT and ICS capabilities,” said Nadir Izrael, Co-Founder and CTO at Armis. “In alignment with our growth strategy, we are further expanding our OT/ICS solutions teams and Sachin will help expand our efforts collaborating across the business and ensuring we remain a best-in-class cybersecurity OT/ICS provider.”

With over 20 years of industry experience, Shah has helped architect and manage smart factories, industrial IoT, and has extensive experience with artificial intelligence, zero-trust, risk and compliance, and edge security. At Armis, he will evaluate all strategic partnerships to ensure customer needs are met as well as work to build out the OT/ICS business unit to help enterprises better manage external threats and scale at speed.

“Recent attacks on water treatment facilities, oil and gas pipelines, and other critical infrastructures further prove that cyber resilience in these sectors is critical to national security,” said Sachin Shah, CTO for Operational Technology at Armis. “Armis will continue to grow and innovate our OT/ICS capabilities to help these entities be even more cyber secure and resilient and I look forward to expanding our solution suite to meet today’s threat landscape and help organisations prepare for tomorrow’s attacks.”



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