Arta’a utilities revolving door solution from Boon Edam

Arta’a Arts Centre in Aalter, Belgium has installed a Crystal TQ revolving door from Boon Edam, bringing the centre into full compliance with European safety requirements. In coordination with Basil Architecture, Boon Edam took on the challenge of designing an entrance solution that would be safe and secure while also complimenting the building’s architecture.

The Arts Centre building is six stories tall, with two of the stories located under ground level. The residential apartments are located on stories 2-4, and the facilities that comprise the Arts Centre are located on the first floor, and the two underground floors. The Basil Architecture team were challenged to incorporate natural light into the two underground floors while also buffering the sound of a full rehearsing orchestra in the evening for those living in the upstairs apartments.

To address the lighting issue, the architects placed large glass areas, or “light wells” in areas that would shine down onto the underground floors. They also incorporated a bright and unique yellow colour into the Centre to give the impression of more light in the building. The addition of the Crystal TQ all-glass revolving door at the entrance also lent a hand in flooding the building with natural light.

The Crystal TQ revolving door is constructed from glass with a minimal stainless steel frame and capping and is available in 3- or 4-wing configurations.


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