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Genetec is an innovative technology company with a broad solutions portfolio that encompasses security, intelligence, and operations. The company offers innovative, connected solutions that go beyond security to provide operational insights that allow users to improve their business and environment, it says. In this exclusive interview, on Genetec’s appearance at ASIS Europe 2024, we speak to Vice President of Marketing Andrew Elvish, about what visitors can expect from the stand.

Why is ASIS Europe an important show for you?

AE: “ASIS Europe attracts attendees who understand that physical and cybersecurity must be addressed as part of a unified plan, and the role security software must play in supporting wider business objectives. Those are exactly the types of organisations we want to be speaking to.”

What can visitors expect from you at the show? Why should they visit your stand?

AE: “Visitors to the Genetec stand can expect thought-provoking demonstrations and engaging conversations about the future of physical security, how security technologies can evolve in line with their requirements and how our unified security platform will help get them there.

“They will also get a sneak peek of the latest SaaS innovation we will be bringing to the market, which is set to redefine the possibilities for cloud based-physical security.

“Whether you’re already using the cloud, planning to migrate, or still considering your options, we’ll help you navigate this period of rapid change.”

What do you feel you are offering that sets you aside from your competitors?

AE: “There are three things; unified security, a long-standing commitment to setting the highest possible standards for the cybersecurity of our solutions, and a pathway for organisations who want to manage risk while also taking advantage of the cloud’s benefits for physical security.”

What are you most looking forward to at the show?

AE: “I’m looking forward to speaking to our consultants and end users about their most pressing challenges, opportunities, and priorities. We place a high importance on direct and engaged conversation with our customers and partners – these discussions help shape our product roadmap and surface useful and important insights that are specific to the individual use cases of our end users.

“We operate a continuous software delivery model that ensures our users can access new features as soon as they become available, so there’s every chance that a chance meeting at ASIS Europe could influence features that are introduced throughout 2024.”

ASIS Europe 2024 – From Risk to Resilience, takes place in Vienna, Austria, March 20-22. Find Genetec on stand: D4-D5

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