ASSA ABLOY invites security professionals to CLIQ webinar, Wednesday May, 22


Access solutions specialist, ASSA ABLOY is inviting security professionals to a webinar this coming Wednesday, May 22, 12.00 – 13.00 BST, focusing on CLIQ Local Manager Remote, the revolutionary software package for CLIQ key-based access control.

This powerful solution enables security managers and system administrators to efficiently manage their access control system from any standard PC without the need for costly upgrades or internet connectivity, ASSA ABLOY claims.

This webinar will explore CLIQ Local Manager Remote’s key features and benefits, empowering you to take your offline access control to the next level.

About the webinar:

The exclusive webinar will focus on CLIQ Local Manager Remote, the software package for CLIQ key-based access control, that is said to be revolutionary.

For Security Managers and System Administrators

  • Extend Control: Manage your CLIQ key-based access control system remotely through the CLM interface, streamlining administrative tasks and boosting efficiency.
  • Enhanced Security: Each administrator gets individual login credentials for accountability and minimising unauthorised access risks.
  • Boost Efficiency: Create custom reminders for essential tasks, ensuring optimal system performance.

For Building Users

  • Greater Convenience: Update and revalidate keys remotely, eliminating the need for regular visits to the management office.
  • Time Savings: Cancel lost keys and issue replacements with a few clicks, saving time on physical key replacements.
  • Peace of Mind: Your data is private and protected with robust security measures.
  • Experience the future of offline access control with CLIQ Local Manager Remote. This functionality brings the benefits of online access control to your existing CLIQ system without costly upgrades. Remotely update keys, change access authorisations, and set custom schedules from the familiar CLIQ Local Manager interface. CLIQ Local Manager Remote saves time, enhances efficiency, and empowers access control tasks that were previously impossible in an offline environment.

In its invitation, ASSA ABLOY encourages its customers to embrace the future of access control with CLIQ Local Manager Remote.

“Enhance security, efficiency, and convenience for your organisation. Thank you for joining us, and we look forward to helping you unlock the full potential of CLIQ Local Manager Remote.”

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