AT&T Cybersecurity launches new endpoint solution

Through its alliance with SentinelOne, AT&T has launched a new managed endpoint security solution. Correlating the detection of endpoint threats through a single software agent, the new solution consolidates Antivirus, Endpoint Protection, Endpoint Detection and Response as well as IoT security functions. It also provides endpoint protection against ransomware and other cyberattacks, while also detecting threats within an enterprise network of cloud environment.

Included in the AT&T Managed Endpoint Security with SentinelOne is 24/7 threat monitoring management by AT&T’s Security Operations Centre (SOC) analysts. Customers will benefit from one SOC team providing continuous monitoring of separate threat detection stacks for greater network visibility and faster endpoint threat detection.

With the frequency of endpoint cyberattacks today and the sophistication of adversaries, SOC teams can be overwhelmed with alerts and data providing limited context to identify issues. This can be especially challenging when monitoring endpoints for protection and detection in both on-premises and cloud environments.  

The ability of SOC teams to view threats holistically through a single agent is important for responding quickly and with confidence to threats. To do this, threat detection and response on endpoints needs to be orchestrated and automated through correlated security alerts. AT&T Managed Endpoint Security scales and augments understaffed and overwhelmed security teams.

“More endpoints and data are crossing an increasingly complex network environment, causing the cyber attack surface to grow and new threats to emerge,” said Rupesh Chokshi, VP, AT&T Cybersecurity. “With our expertise in managed security, fibre and 5G connectivity solutions, we are helping enterprises to reduce the risk of endpoint security attacks using AI to accelerate the detection of threats, enabling them to focus on their business innovation.”  

AT&T and SentinelOne have integrated their platforms and enabled orchestrated and automated incident response to protect your endpoints. Additional integrations between AT&T Alien Labs, SentinelOne, and the AT&T SOC add layers of context for the SOC management team to gain greater insights that lead to better and faster threat detection and response.

“Together, SentinelOne’s leading endpoint security solution and AT&T Cybersecurity’s expertise in managing SOC operations delivers next-generation endpoint protection,” said Tomer Weingarten, Co-founder and CEO, SentinelOne. “Our comprehensive approach deploys cutting-edge AI to secure endpoints, IoT devices, and cloud workloads – empowering organisations to securely do more.”


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