Aviotec from Bosch receives new update for fire safety and outdoor security surveillance

Bosch has announced its Aviotec IP camera with built-in video analytics now has a new firmware version 7.81 that comprises AI algorithms which can detect fire and smoke in changing weather and light conditions. The AI algorithms have been developed further to ensure reliability for sheltered outdoor areas. The fire risk in these areas and nearby buildings can now be reduced with intelligent, fast and reliable detection.

In the past, only indoor areas could be effectively covered by fire and smoke detection devices. Customers with premises extending from buildings to outdoor sheltered constructions, however, have long been concerned with the potential for fires igniting outdoors. Strong sunlight on high fire loads, such as stacked cardboard, for instance, can generate smouldering and kindle a fire.

Risks are higher in dry conditions and with flammable chemicals on site and hazardous substances can combust or emit toxic fumes, posing further threats to personnel, assets and the environment. Therefore, the new outdoor fire detection capabilities of Aviotec are particularly valuable to the industry with outdoor storage areas.

“Finally, we can offer a solution to overcome the challenges and pain points customers have been raising for years,” explains Theresa Grunewald, Aviotec Global Business Developer. “Aviotec video cameras can now offer dependable, 24/7 protection of entire premises, both indoors and sheltered outdoors,” Grunewald continues.

Changing outdoor conditions are influenced by weather patterns and pose specific challenges to common fire and smoke detectors. For example, wind can prevent smoke from rising to a detector installed on a ceiling. Aviotec detects directly at the fire source therefore avoiding the need of smoke or heat to migrate to the sensor.

Installed in a housing that complies with IP 66 IK10, and NEMA 4X standards, Aviotec is protected against rainfall or dust. Aviotec’s sensitivity addresses dim light and nighttime conditions together with additional infrared lighting. Open, outdoor constructions, such as industrial storage areas, are more vulnerable to vandalism and theft than indoor areas.

In addition to flame and smoke detection, Aviotec provides built-in Intelligent Video Analytics for security surveillance. It recognises intruders and helps to keep entire premises safe from risks and hazards from the outside in.

Operators who are already using an Aviotec solution can upgrade to the new version with a free firmware update.  



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