Backblaze and CTERA announce new partnership

Backblaze and CTERA have announced a partnership to make life easier for IT admins challenged by on-premises file server and NAS management in an age of rapidly expanding remote workforces and global collaboration.

The Backblaze and CTERA partnership provides a modern, all-in-one, cloud file storage solution that extends and expands the capabilities of traditional NAS and file servers in the cloud—freeing IT teams to do more with the resources typically reserved for troubleshooting or replacing on-premises hardware.

“We’re seeing a massive shift from traditional NAS to cloud NAS, from edge to core access, as organisations evolve and expand,” Oded Nagel, Chief Strategy Officer of CTERA, observed. “CTERA is committed to providing the widest choice of cloud to our customers. The Backblaze-CTERA partnership establishes a compelling, new, cost-effective storage option for companies that wish to tier their data to the cloud for redundancy and collaboration.”

The partnership combines CTERA’s Enterprise File Services Platform for distributed cloud file services on top of Backblaze B2’s object storage to deliver a cloud-based global file system, allowing IT admins to:

  • Expand the capacity of existing on-premises infrastructure.
  • Retire legacy file servers and NAS devices altogether.
  • Empower remote workforces and multi-site collaboration.
  • Establish resilient disaster recovery and business continuity plans.
  • Back up data distributed globally in one centralised store, while maintaining instant (via CTERA’s Edge Filers) and reliable access (via Backblaze’s 99.9% uptime SLA).
  • Optimise budget with pay-as-you-go cloud storage pricing ¼ the price of equivalent offerings.

“If you’re tired of buying new equipment every three years, replacing hard drives, paying for maintenance, or power, or space in a data centre, and all of the headaches of managing remote user access,” Nilay Patel VP of Sales at Backblaze noted, “then the CTERA and Backblaze partnership is perfect for you. The setup is incredibly easy and the immediate budget and staffing relief will give you resources to tackle new opportunities. You’ll never have to—or want to—upgrade your NAS again.”

CTERA details the solution in a blog post the company published today, and the companies will host a joint webinar on 27 April 2022 at 4 pm BST / 11 am EST / 8 am PST to describe the solution and take questions.


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