Geutebrück integration to barox switches is confirmed as finalist for PSI Magazine 2024 awards


barox have announced that their Geutebrück integration solution has been listed as a finalist for the 2024 PSI Magazine awards.

barox feel that their capability to integrate their advanced DMS network monitoring tool is unique in the CCTV market and greatly extends Geutebrück’s Video Security Solution control functionality.

By enabling easy integration to the barox Ethernet switch range, barox’s new Geutebrück plug-in reinforces the company’s ethos of offering network solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of the modern video security market.

The barox integration also allows users to directly manage all IP devices on their security network via Geutebrück VMS, allowing cameras to be switched off completely, for security reasons (i.e., in the event of a compromised data line), or turned off and on, to perform a re-boot.

Ulf Huether, Head of Technology Partner Management at Geutebrück said: “The integration of barox DMS-Health Monitoring and the specially developed plug-in into the Geutebrück VMS software marks another step in the long-standing collaboration between Geutebrück and barox. This profound cooperation aligns with the growing demands in the critical sector and has the clear goal of providing Geutebrück users, in conjunction with barox, with a higher level of security, overview, and control of the entire system.

“The ease of operation of individual components is cleverly integrated into a comprehensive overall solution.”

You can cast your vote for this solution in the PSI Premier Awards here and the final date for voting is June 28.

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