barox Kommunikation AG celebrates 25th anniversary

barox Kommunikation AG

barox Kommunikation AG is celebrating its 25th anniversary in what the company calls “a Swiss Success Story”.

Angelo Banfi and Rudolf Rohr founded the company 25 years ago on September 01, 1998, in Baden, Switzerland, starting with analogue video technology, also applying to transmission systems. From the beginning, baroX Kommunikation AG said that the high level of expertise in optical fibre technology was one of the strengths of the young company. This spread quickly and soon barox could supply major players in important projects.

Step by step and in cooperation with its partners barox Kommunikation performed the foreseeable move from analogue video technology to IP as a technology basis for video, the company said.

Product offering, know-how, and working processes were carefully adapted, barox says. During this phase, it became obvious, that the new technology offers many options for designing a product and improving the user experience or for easing product operation. Within the scope of this change, the decision to develop its products was made. This decision has proven to be groundbreaking for the company.

Today barox is a respected partner for network technology in video surveillance applications. barox skillfully uses its experiences gained during the past decades and its comprehensive market understanding to integrate innovative functions into its products and to offer its customers a highly qualified service.

barox Kommunikation AG is not exclusively active in the German-speaking area anymore. For several years the sales area has been expanded continuously, e.g. in Great Britain, Ireland and also the Middle East.

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