barox show Ethernet switch VMS integration capabilities at The Security Event 2023

barox Kommunication AG, a global manufacturer of professional standard switches. PoE media and IP extenders, specifically designed for video applications, will be exhibiting at The Security Event, 25-27 April 2023, NEC, Birmingham, stand # 4/F97.

To promote ease and depth of integration with 3rd party VMS control, at the show, barox will be displaying a selection of their latest Ethernet ‘Switches made for Video’ range and their licence free, Smart-barox plug-in.

Alongside their rage of industrial PoE Ethernet switches, the Smart-barox licence free plug-in will be on display, demonstrating how installers and system operators can manage their IP security surveillance networks and devices more-effectively, via direct and simple integration with popular 3rd party VMS platforms, such as those from Genetec, Milestone, Advancis, MOBOTIX and Siemens surveillance Video.

With its live graphical overview of network topology, the Smart-barox plug-in provides invaluable network information and with DMA functionality, such as barox Active Camera Monitoring and Active PoE Power-up Management, devices are continually pinged to check their status and automictically rebooted if non-responsive. This advanced functionality can dramatically reduce engineering costs, by reducing the need for remedial site visits.

The Smart-barox plug-in automates many of the process undertaken manually, and with power consumption tracking, the simple to use graphical interface and powerful diagnostic tools. barox Ethernet switches an act as ‘health centres’ for other devices on the network, such as cameras and access control panels. This makes the smart-barox plug-in perfect for all high-security or traffic monitoring applications, where system availability and up-time is mission Critical National Infrastructure, prisons, finance, traffic monitoring, tunnels and transportation.

Throughout the show, barox will be demonstrating how their comprehensive range of managed and unmanaged industrial media converters cater for the demands if video and PoE heavy applications, and feature extensive cyber security functionality that protects both the switch and the network traffic.

“We are delighted to be showing out latest Smart-barox plug-in integration tools that provide real value and cost saving benefits for integrators and end users,” says Rudolf Rohr, barox Co-founder & Managing partner. “By alleviating the need for site visits, this proactive ‘game changing’ monitoring tool provides real value and cost saving benefits for integrators and end users. And in the case of hazardous environmental sites, such as traffic, nuclear and petrochem where health and safety and ‘danger to life’ are key considerations, fewer visits to site can mean reduced health and safety risks for personnel.

“We are looking forward to meeting visitors at the show who would like to find out more about our comprehensive range of ‘Switches made for Video’ and how our advanced integration capability sets barox apart from other switch providers, with the power to support the latest PoE heavy devices.”

For more information on barox’s Smart-barox plug-in, visit


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