Barrier Networks and AttackIQ partner to offer threat-informed cybersecurity assessments

Barrier Networks

Barrier Networks, a cybersecurity Managed Service Provider, have announced it has launched a new partnership with AttackIQ, a breach and attack simulation (BAS) provider, to deliver a security optimisation platform that continuously validates security controls to help organisations rapidly improve their resilience in cyberspace.

With recent data from IBM revealing that the average cost of a data breach has risen to $4.35 million, resilience in cyberspace has become a critical focus for all businesses today. Yet one of the biggest challenges they face in achieving resilience is identifying misconfigurations and poorly integrated systems that put them at risk.

Through this partnership, organisations can now rely on an automated and managed service to carry out simulated attacks on their networks to identify weaknesses that could otherwise be exploited by adversaries. Adopting a strategy of threat-informed defence helps them drive down security control failures and elevate cybersecurity effectiveness.

“Cyberattacks are an inevitability today and security leaders need to understand whether the controls they have in place are effective at keeping their critical systems secure,” said John Brown, Sr. Director, Global Channels at AttackIQ. “Yet, few have this insight.

“Instead, they only realise after attacks have occurred that there were gaps in their posture leaving them exposed. Our partnership with Barrier Networks will help tackle this ongoing challenge.

“Organisations can now run simulated attacks on their environments and be provided with actionable intelligence on how to improve their resilience, which is something many businesses will significantly benefit from.”

Security teams can improve their cybersecurity readiness and resilience through continuous testing and security control validation and by running assessments aligned to the MITRE ATT&CK framework. Real-time performance data is then generated to measure the effectiveness of an organisation’s security program.

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with AttackIQ,” said Ian McGowan, Managing Director of Barrier Networks. “Attackers are constantly on the hunt for overlooked weaknesses in corporate security programs as they can provide access to internal systems.

“Our partnership will help organisations unearth these weaknesses so they can remediate them before attackers exploit them, helping organisations to remain one step ahead of cybercriminals and confident in the effectiveness of their security programs.


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