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Reconeyez Cloud

According to Reconeyez, AI-integrated security gives your clients the piece of mind they are looking for, saving them for having to pay call-out fees for false alarms (for example our cloud-based AI reduces false positive alarms up to 95%).

With Reconeyez Cloud users are in control wherever they are. They can set up, configure, manage and control individual devices or whole sites. They can also view, track and configure events as they occur or adjust device parameters based on smart analysis of previously recorded incidences. As long as you have internet access, the cloud-based control centre is always ready.

With Reconeyez Cloud there are reduced false alarms. Before sending an alarm, all received images are analysed by its proprietary machine learning algorithms. An alarm is sent only when the artificial intelligence determines that an image contains an actual intruder or threat as specified by alarm conditions.

Reconeyez patent-pending AI can also configure your devices:

  • Temporarily reconfiguring device settings in case of repeated false alarms with the same parameters
  • Automatically fine-tuning for optimal detection settings

The future of AI in security:

  • Safety monitoring (detecting whether security measures are being followed)
  • Learning and adjusting to site-specific threats (differentiating between workers and children on a construction site etc.)

Hear about AI and other trends in the Security Industry, and the way Reconeyez is making sure we stay relevant, in this video with Vice President, Simon Faulkner at The Security Event.

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