The Big Interview: Safeture Head of Partner Management, Martin Wijlens


Safeture is the technical provider in the Duty of Care industry, with its core business in developing an open platform for People Risk Management. The company works in the area of People Risk Management, together with partners in the fields of security and medical assistance service. Here, we chat to Head of Partner Management, Martin Wijlens about what sets the company apart, and some of its recent developments.

What makes Safeture different than other companies in your industry?

MW: Around two years ago, Safeture decided to entirely focus on partnering up with security and medical assistance providers to allow them to build a complete Duty of Care offering. Together with these partners, we have bundled our services and provide a comprehensive solution to the market as one consortium. In these partnerships, every partner does what they do best, and together, we build a strong solution for the end client, focusing on ensuring a good fit with that end client.

These partnerships enable our partners to build a strong Duty of Care offering to the end client. We keep on top of technological developments and ensure we fit the end client’s needs rather than offering them a standard “one fits all” package.

Our partners know their clients best, and we tailor the needs of these clients with a user-friendly solution, help our partners with onboarding, and handle the technical integrations on their behalf.

We are proud of the way we work together with our partners and are constantly looking at how we can support them better – looking at how to improve the technology product to meet the clients’ needs, and looking to find ways to ease the onboarding of new clients together with our partners.

What are the biggest challenges that you help your customers to overcome?

MW: Our utmost ambition is to support our partners in the best way possible. That means that we need to help them from a technological perspective, follow the market, and ensure our product is easy to use. We support our partners from a technical perspective with what they call “proactive monitoring.” This means that many of their clients give our partners control of their Duty of Care responsibility.

With a good Service Level Agreement between our partner and their clients, they ensure they are on top of their game. They help their clients know where their people are and reach out to them proactively when these employees need help. By doing this, they become an extension of the client’s travel and/or security department and make sure that they can sleep at night knowing that their employees are taken care of.

Tell us about the recent expanded link-up with Inkerman Group?

MW: As mentioned, we are constantly looking for new partners to build Duty of Care propositions together. Recently, the security provider Inkerman Group decided to partner up with Safeture because they noticed that the market also demands a Duty of Care solution in place. Besides the travel training and bespoke intelligence reports that they offer to their clients, they can now also integrate the travel bookings for their clients, know exactly where their people are and proactively reach out to their employees. By adding the Safeture technology to their service offering, they can service a broader market and deliver more assistance to their existing and future clients.

Tell us about your recent financial results and success. What are the positive implications of this for customers, and what does it mean for you as a business?

MW: Last year, we met our ambitious growth plans and continued to invest in our product and the support of our partners. We have added some big multinational clients and new partners to our list.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the technology solution, ensuring that we can integrate with other systems, and that the whole solution is integrated and available in one system. We are an independent Duty of Care provider, which means that we have multiple intelligence providers when it comes to the content (country information and alerts). We are constantly looking for new, attractive content for our existing and potential clients.

We have also created a marketplace in our platform where our partners can offer services to their clients and potentially to other partners’ clients if they allow them to.

Our independent nature makes us attractive to many partners that do not want to invest in their own technology but focus on their core business, bringing the best of the worlds together in one consortium.

How do you see the market for risk management software developing over the next five years?

MW: We see that a few components of the solution are vital for our partners and their end clients:

1. Make sure that the technology is user-friendly and independent to enable the integration of technologies and content in one platform

2. Build a slim, scalable product that fits the end clients’ needs regarding technology, geography, custom needs and services and meets the highest information security and GDPR compliance standards. Adapting the service offering (customer intimacy) and technology development in one package makes the difference in keeping their employees safe! We are ready for the future!

If you want to partner with Safeture, please get in touch with us!

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