Blickfeld to showcase first smart LiDAR for the security industry at The Security Event 2024


At The Security Event 2024, Blickfeld – on stand 5/M107 – will be exhibiting their 3D LiDAR technology, which is seen as the first smart LiDAR available in the security industry.

Object Size-Based Alarm Generation

Blickfeld’s 3D LiDAR technology scans the surroundings using hundreds of thousands of laser pulses per second, generating precise and detailed 3D point clouds with integrated software.

Through a 3D viewer in the browser-based graphical user interface (web GUI), users can display the point cloud and easily define, adjust, and place security zones using drag-and-drop.

Additionally, they can set the object size at which an alarm is triggered upon entry into the zone. This functionality significantly reduces false alarms by excluding small animals or vegetation from security warnings. The collected data is anonymous and thus complies with data protection regulations.

Customisable Alarm Logic

Adjusting the conditions for alarm triggering is simplified through Blickfeld QbProtect’s web GUI, using a simple drag-and-drop approach. Users have the option to utilise tested presets for alarm triggers and intuitively modify individual steps and conditions as needed. This flexibility allows for a tailored security solution without requiring programming effort.

Robust Construction and Easy Installation

Setting up Blickfeld QbProtect is straightforward. Cable requirements are minimized, because no external computer is needed for data analysis thanks to on-device software, and data and power transmission occur over the same cable (Power over Ethernet).

Based on Blickfeld’s Smart LiDAR “Qb2,” the hardware boasts a solid-state design without mechanically rotating parts, and the housing is IP67-rated against dust and water ingress. This makes Blickfeld QbProtect robust, durable, and low-maintenance.

Florian Petit, Co-founder and CXO at Blickfeld comments: “In introducing the Blickfeld QbProtect, we present the first smart LiDAR designed for the security industry. It not only provides precise 3D data but, through integrated analysis software, delivers directly usable results that can be easily integrated into video management systems and intrusion detection systems via standard interfaces without requiring specialised knowledge.

“The new sensor is straightforward to operate through an integrated web GUI, setting new standards in user-friendliness. Security personnel immediately benefit from significantly improved, anonymous, and highly accurate detection of unauthorised entry into sensitive areas, such as power plants, airports, or other critical infrastructures.”


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