Cato unveils AI-driven networking and security incident detection and response


Cato Networks has announced the addition of network incident detection and response tools to the Cato SASE Cloud platform.

With Network Stories for Cato XDR, Cato believes that advanced AI algorithms instantly identify outages in customer networks and conduct root cause analysis.

As such, the company states that network operations centre (NOC) and security operations centre (SOC) teams now have a common platform for improved collaboration and channel partners can quickly bring NOC-as-a-service (NOCaaS) offerings to market.

“With our converged security and networking platform, we leverage advances in one domain, in this case security, to help another domain – networking,” says Shlomo Kramer, CEO and co-founder of Cato Networks. “Our security-trained AI has now been expanded to help NOC teams become smarter, faster, and more proactive than ever. This is the value of a true SASE platform.”

Element Solutions, Inc. (ESI) uses Cato SASE Cloud to connect and secure 118 locations and cloud instances and nearly 4,000 remote users with Cato’s NGFW, threat prevention (NGAM, SWG, and IPS) and application protection (CASB).

“We’re very excited about what we’re seeing in Cato’s Network Stories. It’ll save us the time normally spent hunting around other tools and that’s a big deal,” says Brandon Benchley, senior network engineer at ESI. The company’s three-person network team is responsible for all site designs, deployments, switches, and upgrades.

“We handle all the network operations, engineering, and planning for locations and Azure. It’s a lot. Cato Network Stories should solve a key pain point for us.”

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