Centripetal extends innovative CleanINTERNET technology to the cloud


Centripetal have announced the launch of CleanINTERNET CLOUD, extending protection to enterprise assets anywhere – whether on premises, remote or in the cloud.

CleanINTERNET is a revolutionary approach to defending organisations from cyber threats as by leveraging dynamic threat intelligence from more than 250 threat intelligence providers in real-time, CleanINTERNET proactively shields networks from 99% of known threats.

This technology provides customers with unparalleled protection, removing the need for more costly cybersecurity infrastructure.

Businesses are seeing significant value from the transition of key resources into the cloud. Public cloud infrastructure allows for tremendous flexibility of deployment and the ability to scale applications rapidly.

But, as more and more infrastructure migrates into the cloud, enterprises need to be fully aware of increased security risks resulting from a larger attack surface. Any server deployed in the cloud is a potential target for hackers.

recent study found that 81% of organisations have experienced a cloud-related security incident in 2022 and the average cost of a data breach has reached a record high of $4.35 million in the United States. Therefore cybersecurity concerns need to be top of mind for all cloud based initiatives.

“Today’s global cyberthreat landscape is constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated, requiring a more proactive and adaptable approach to cybersecurity,” said Jonathan Rogers, Chief Operating Officer at Centripetal.. Collectively, we have the power and the responsibility to build a secure digital world, and it begins with neutralising the ever-present and constantly evolving cyberthreats.

“The team at Centripetal is laser focused on staying one step ahead of the adversaries who seek to exploit our digital vulnerabilities. This is why we are opening our European Cyber Intelligence Centre of Excellence in Galway and deploying our CleanINTERNET offering to the cloud.

“It’s crucial for our worldwide customers to be protected in any environment to safeguard their valuable data and assets.”


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